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Prof. (Dr.) T. Muthu Pandian

Dr. Rajdeep Singh

Dr. Vikas Dhawan

Dr. Umesh Kumar Pandey

Er. Pankaj Mudholkar

Dr. Karthik T S

Dr. Bhawana Rudra

Dr. Rajendra Singh

Dr. S. Bhargavi

Ms. Vishakha Raghunath

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Dr. Vinita Gaikwad

Dr. Vishal Dattana

Dr. Rashmi Gupta

Mr. Ravindra Shenoy U

Dr. M. Kannan

Er. M. Shoukath Ali

Green ThinkerZ Awards 2017 for Educators is an endeavour of Green ThinkerZĀ® (A registered Society under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, India; working in the field of Environmental and Social Sustainability), to recognize the contribution of Individuals in the field of Education. The Green ThinkerZ Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding work of exceptional Educators/Teachers across the Globe. These awards honor School/college/university teachers for their virtuoso benefaction to the Students, teaching Community and Society at large. Through Green ThinkerZ Awards for Educators, we acknowledge the undying spirit of the Educationists for the students and teaching community.  In 2017, the Green ThinkerZ awards for Educators have been bestowed in the following categories.

  • Distinguished Educator
  • Outstanding Educator
  • Bright Educator
  • Promising Educator

Dr. Suresh Chandra

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Er. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sapna Mehta

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