A Research Project By

Er. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sapna Mehta

working towards sustainable development goals (SDG) 

Green ThinkerZ

IRSD - 2016 | SDG - 2030





Environment is the perdurable medium to create the best cultural modification, which is an unstoppable spirit for a fabulous fusion to enrich the elevating attainments of multifarious research in deed. In such impeccable instance “Green ThinkerZ” has already been into the very profound occupational actions from Chandigarh, India. Moreover it has entrenched a spectacular bond of research for sustainable development for our very comprehensive world just without any inhabitable pause but through a notable cause of upstanding contemplation of their righteous initiative and in other words commendable objective for the entire devoted academic performer in a befitting manner.

This fascinating society pays the indispensible academic values and the ageless moral supports for the real contributors in all over the globe in a very respectful manner. It fetches the great technological metamorphosis for the booming researchers, which is going to be truly thought provoking at all not to highlight their captivating research brilliance but to have the world-wide educational recognition in a very stimulating manner. Right from India to China again from china to Australia plenty of renowned people have already been assembled with each and other to grace this worthwhile society through destined “Sustainable Developments” very rapidly.

I am extremely thankful to this fascinating association and their best occupational magnanimity in all the regards. Their continuous support and the countless organizational spirit have exclusively inspired me and my wholehearted contributions for this ardent research platform to enrich and it has been extremely advantageous to enhance my most evident academic network for projecting my purposeful educational introspection to be globally appreciated. I shall be contributing a lot for this esteemed research consortium, which is gradually snatching the monumental embellishment of technology within a short while.  It is one of the spellbinding Research alliances in all over the globe for the evergreen global actuality for creating an extensive hope of research eminence in deed and I am honestly fortunate to take a pivotal initiative for Green ThinkerZ Society with my paramount satisfaction.

IRSD - 2019 | SDG - 2030

Rudrarup Gupta
Commercial Manager, Multifarious Projects Group, India and Overseas Reviewer, World Academy of Science and Technology, USA

IRSD - 2017 | SDG - 2030

IRSD - 2020 | SDG - 2030

Green ThinkerZ: an Exemplary Platform for Glistening Environment

"Green ThinkerZ" is a registered Society under the Societies Registration Act (XXI of 1860), Registration Number is 4893/2014-2015. A Group of researchers from India, China and Australia is working in the field of Environmental Sustainability to create awareness around the globe by promoting Green Technologies and other Renewable Energy Resources with a dream to create Technical and Eco-friendly world. Other fields of interest are E-waste, Electromagnetic Pollution. Green ThinkerZ's main motive is to promote Sustainability, so that, what we are enjoying today, our future generations will enjoy the same. In order to achieve the goal, our team is performing their roles according to their area of interest.

"Sustainable development" is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Being sustainable is becoming the most important factor for any technology in order to achieve various dimensions of sustainability, such as social, economic and environmental.Sustainable development is designed to serve the needs of all peoples, enough and forever. Sustainable development does not preclude the use of exhaustible natural resources but requires that any use be appropriately offset. There has been a growing recognition of three essential aspects of sustainable development.
The combination of rising energy costs and our insatiable appetite for technology advancements will lead to significant environmental impact unless aggressively addressed by a unified strategy. Protecting the environment is the most pressing challenge facing humankind.Everything that we need for our survival, we are dependent on nature directly/indirectly. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which human and nature can exist in productive harmony. It is important to making sure that what we have and will continue to have, the water, resources to protect human health and environment.

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