A Research Project By

Er. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sapna Mehta

working towards sustainable development goals (SDG) 

Green ThinkerZ

It is really evident that, the real nicety of an environment truly allures the mankind.  It constructs the undying cultural synthesis in a beguiling color. Most notably we can have the “Eco-Friendly Environmental Energy” from greens.

Since the development of “Environmental Sustainability” the key objective was needful environmental development in deed. So people have become extremely dedicated to grow this inestimable cultural stand very rapidly from the perspective of a spectacular society.

The worthy term “Sustainability” means an encyclopedic existence of greens, which plays an epoch making role to produce for bringing out an absolute parity to alive our ecological flow. In other words people are basically civilized through the scientific presence of environment.

Green environment entirely encourages human being to live through adequate oxygen and energies. Those are exclusively vital for each one of us to perform under this earth. This is how the resource of water, which we get from this glorious environment, we do continue our successful span of life just through the same.

According to the progressive environment sustainability really helps to build up the versatile impacts at all upon this living societal platform. Moreover, environmental strength is having an extensive importance not only to save greeneries but to inspire each one of us to have the best outcome from the same.

Devotional Effort: Each member of our society gives the high-end effort to plant trees and they have to care the same at each precious second.
Societal Balance: It is absolutely important. Without green environment people shall not be able to survive properly and they shall not be in a position to initiate the parity in between nature and mankind at all. As a result it shall be really difficult for them to survive.
Mental & Physical Harmony: Sustainable environment is really conducive for both mental and physical harmony. People do generate the new life through different planning, dreams and destiny.

I am really proud to state that, “Green ThinkerZ” is one of the most elegant societies in India, who are working for “Environmental Sustainability” to reform the both “Technical and Eco-Friendly World”. Moreover their actual objective is to create sustainability, so that, it shall be really advantageous for all of us to have the heart-warming platform in the near future and that shall have the best culmination of success by promoting “Green Technologies” in a befitting manner.

Therefore I wish this enriching society to proceed through some magnificent occupational dreams, which shall definitely be indispensible for this regimented universe just within a very short while. This is unquestionable desirable in this regard.

Innovated By: Dr. Rudrarup Gupta - Environmental Radiance Captivates our Gleeful Society

Rap for the Volunteers of Green ThinkerZ by Mr. Amit Kumar

Nobody is perfect
This one is for u guys who r perfect from heart....

I am standing in the rain thinking about the pain,
Pain in your eyes for just love no disdain,
You are pure souls need care just once and again,
Maybe i am normal you have no stains.....

You are lucky no worries of work and all the rules,
Smiling every moment these are your special tools,
Life is full of desires but when i see u i think i am a fool,
U deserve everything best even to be called sometime cool.....

We should just let it go and let it be,
We all live and die only thing matter is what we did,
Not for us but for someone else who is in need,
I never known my true worth untill u smiled bcoz of me.......

Raise hand not for protest just to give someone support,
Raise voice not to shout but to seek attention of sort,
Raise yourself from ur ambitions and be selfless,
​Bcoz if u can help one you can help alot............

Realize GREEN Visualize GREEN
Green is an emblem
It has an enormous importance
Green is our zeal
We enjoy the
Symbolic substance
Green has a beauty
When we are careful
It creates an environ
And makes
Unity and Diversity
Green is a ray of energy
The ingredient of
It is really universal
Green is our
United genesis
We enjoy sunlight
Since the morning is a
We are adorable for
This astounding
Green gives natural air…
Makes us delighted
We shall have
The peace of heaven
Green is inculcated
This blocks the noise
Reduces the glare
Trees are our ancestry
Green is our best choice
Green is for
The great contribution
Green is our artistry
We get the vegetation
So win the green
Save the green


It has been said that if u teach a boy, you will teach an individual, but if you will teach a girl, you will teach whole family.
She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, and every individual knows the place of a mother.
If a child does something wrong, everybody blames mother. Why so?
Because she is supposed to teach her child about the manners, habits, the way to live life, behave, etc. Most of the time she is there to help him/her with their homework.
Ever thought, if she herself doesn’t know about anything, how will she do that?
It could be done, by providing her knowledge, which she deserves.
It was just an example of daily life activities. But try to have a look on those women, who were forcefully married in small ages, just because their family wanted them to do so.
The reason for their early marriages is: they are sitting at home, idle, without education.
Ever tried to think about their future, sorry dark future?
Ever thought, how they survive, when their husbands come home late, in a drunk condition, and those pity women can’t do anything, because, they depend on their husband, for their livelihood.
They have the right to beat their wives, abuse them, make them work for them like servants, and treat them like any material thing.
Just give a thought, if today, she is educated, she has the knowledge, she knows all her rights, she has the job, then she will not beg in front of anyone. She will not compromise with anyone. She will teach her children, give her knowledge to them, and live with proud in the society.
Think ones; she could be your daughter, your sister, or your mother.
Let your sister, daughter fly. Allow her to see this world, the way she wants to. Because you never know, any other KALPANA CHAWLA or SUNITA WILLIAMS will enlighten your name on the moon. She could be the next Michelle Howard (1st female four star admiral in navy). Allow her once, and she will never prove you wrong.
Make her independent, and she will never give you a chance to complain. 
It is said that daughters are princess of their fathers, and then which king doesn’t want their princess to be the happiest? I don’t think you are one of them…!

On the Occasion of National Girl Child Day, 24 January 2015

Pavneet Kaur | Member, Green ThinkerZ

Innovated By: Dr. Rudrarup Gupta (Multifarious Projects Group)

Ecosystem is the crest of Communal Paradise
From the BIRTH, We are
In this enlightened EARTH.Very True
We do belong this nurtured society
Trees are here, who are hopeless
Cows are here, who are dream less
But we are deprived from
Societal facility
​We feel but cannot realize.
​We should be rational &
We have to visualize
​Trees and Cows are alone
Because we want cyclone
People have to come back
Through an enviable emotion
As a result, the environ
​Shall have the true promotion
Trees and Cattle shall be more glorious
Since they are scientifically precious
So, the entire mankind has to sacrifice
Which is the pristine alert of “The Ever Green Paradise”

Greenery: The Everlasting Substance
Green is a sparkling light
Which strive me
To be undoubtedly bright
​Green is an awesome education….
We need the Global Research……..
Green must be immortal.
But where?
We have to search………..
Green has an immense importance
It is in Man’s need….
Green is an amiable paradise
It is not for Man’s greed…
Green is our inspiration
We receive the energy…
Plantation to photosynthesis
When the resource is from synergy…
Green is our support….
It formulates the society…
Guess, it shall grow
​We shall touch the nicety…
My surmise says‐Green is our test
has a frame…
Green ThinkerZ is an entity…
Which must have the