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Emotions is a small step to bring in a beautiful smile on the faces of the people with whom we get to connect to. Our aim is simple... Our country is still under the shackles of gender stereotyping, education still remains a dream in many young eyes, women still think several times before stepping out of their house at night and where proper food still remains a luxury for many who sleep with empty stomachs most of the time. Our focus is to break these gender stereotypes. Educate all those young kids especially the girls so that not only can they dream for themselves but can work to change those dreams into reality. The aim is to empower women by bringing in a change in the mindset and the thinking of the men regarding women.

To achieve this our team is engaged in ground-breaking research, impactful and innovative community programs, media engagement and advocacy. At Emotions, you will visualize our committed team of volunteers working endlessly for the achievement of the common goals. Our supporters are generous, be it with their precious time, valuable resources or magnificent ideas, actively working to improve the lives of the numerous people of the deprived section, women and communities in India.

A Step to ignite & revamp the inner soul

  • To educate women according to the present day needs so that they become independent both emotionally and financially
  • To strengthen the pillar of equality which is very important when it comes to the development of the country with a special focus on the male population as they play a pivotal role in this respect.
  • To educate and encourage  people on organ donation and blood donation so that  precious lives of people can be saved when the need arises without any difficulty
  • To provide for food and clothing – the basic needs of humans by developing a network of voluntary contributors  and volunteers in respective areas
  • To end the evils of violence, poverty, female foeticide, child labour etc through our various programmes and education drives

We envision a prosperous and a happy India where every citizen has an equal access to resources and opportunities.

To Volunteer or to donate, contact at:

+91-8960070001 or mail at emotionsandyou@gmail.com