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Er. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sapna Mehta

working towards sustainable development goals (SDG) 

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Source: International Conference on Advances in Computer Science, Electronics & Communication Technologies (ACSECT-2015), Bangkok, Thailand, 17th January 2015, International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology, Vol.6, Issue 1, SPL-2, Jan-March 2015

Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar, Dr. Yunfei Liu

Personal Electronic Gadgets: A Comprehensive Study on their Addiction and Sustainable Usage

Society has always been worrying about the term ‘Drug Addiction’ of our youth but ‘Gadget Addiction’ is a more critical area of concern in the present era and can be observed in today’s scenario where the young generation’s inclination towards the latest gadgets such as Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. is posing a threat to the social infrastructure in the future. Teenagers are enthusiastic to remain online all the time so as to share numerous media files in their circle via various social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, etc. They are in serious relationship with their gadgets instead with their family members by virtue of which they are forgetting to form and maintain human relationships. Each day, millions of messages are sent by users whether it is text, image, audio or video file, which is justified by the telecom operators in terms of a huge growth in data usage in comparison to voice. In a nutshell, we can say that gadgets are becoming like an external body parts. Apart from this, electromagnetic radiations emitted by these gadgets are a vital point of concern. Number of studies and researches are going on to prove the health implications of mobile radiations. There is strong need to aware people about the hazards associated with these unavoidable gadgets and to make their sustainable usage. One has to be clear about the harmful effects and the possible precautionary measures so as to have a de-addicted life. Sustainable usage refers to the usage of all these gadgets in such a way that they don’t harm or disturb someone’s life. Various precautionary measures include usage of headphones, Bluetooth, reducing call durations, limited text messages. These are some measures which we can follow, on the other side, before buying any gadget, apart from other features like RAM, Processor, Operating System, Camera; Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) should be checked to know about its radiation aspect. In our ongoing research, we are carrying out a comprehensive study on the issue to aware the society about the unnoticed ‘Gadget Addiction’ and the possible precautions that the society can take to make sustainable usage of these unavoidable personal electronic gadgets.