A Research Project By

Er. Tanvir Singh and Dr. Sapna Mehta

working towards sustainable development goals (SDG) 

Green ThinkerZ

As a part of Green and Sustainable drive, Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, Mumbai, invited Mr. Manpreet Singh (Chief Technical Executive, Green Thinkerz, India) for an expert lecture on Harmful Effects of Mobile and WiFi Radiation, the lecture provided important information based on surveys and researches in the field of Non-ionising Radiation, and concluded that; as per the international regulatory standards, India is far behind and this has been a cause of the increasing in the rate of diseases such as Stress, Fatigue, depression. In the recent past it was also disclosed by the World Health Organisation that Mobile Radiation is possibly cariogenic class 2 – B, this is one of the cause for the increase in Cancer and has been verified by most researches. A survey was also conducted for the audience (total 250 including students teaching and non-teaching staff) based on the mobile usage pattern, and was it found that 90% of the audience carried phone in their pockets while the device was β€œon”, 67% kept their phone by their side while sleeping, 80 % used their mobiles while the battery was low and 75% made calls while the device was connected to the internet wirelessly, the survey thus concluded that the usage pattern is improper and a serious cause of concern, to improve and to use the mobile and WiFi sustainably tips were also provided during the lecture. Green ThinkerZ is currently working towards techniques and technology to develop a safer standard and sustainable environment for the use of technology, which are based on Radio frequency, further more they have also conducted numerous environmental drives and seminar in Schools and Universities, thus reaching the future generation and alerting them regarding the ill-effects of such Technology.